Best Painting Tools

The Best Tools to Keep on Yourself While Painting.

So you’re planning on painting your bedroom yourself, Great! What are the Best Painting Tools to keep on yourself while doing the work? You’ve got paint, rollers, brushes and the room is prepped with drop clothes on your flooring and plastic on your furniture.

Some essential tools you should keep on yourself while painting is a 5-1 (funny looking scraper tool that has a big curve in it), utility knife, rag, duster, and sandpaper.

5-1 Multi-ToolA 5-1 is the ultimate painter’s tool, it’s like Mohammed Ali and his boxing gloves. You can scrape areas, open paint cans, hammer nail pops (nails coming through the wall) back in, pull out the paint left in your roller, and cut out old caulking with the sharp tip.

Utility KnifeYour utility knife should always have a fresh blade and can help you with the removal of old caulking, being precise with cutting out damaged wall areas, and scraping old paint off windows (when you take the blade off the base of the knife).

Paint RagYour rag should be damp and used for drips or splatters. It doesn’t matter if you’re the Michael Jordan of painting you’re going to have a drip or splatter every once in a while.

Duster BrushA duster is usually an old paint brush this will help you remove dust/debris from base trim, windows, drywall patches, etc. We like to cut our handle down so it doesn’t bulge out.

SandpaperLast but not least is the sandpaper. This allows you to sand smooth any rough areas that might have been missed or overlooked. My team and I always keep these items on ourselves. Why? If you have the proper tools on you when you run into a trouble area, you are more than likely to repair it right there instead of neglecting it.

I know this may seem like a lot to carry but if you wear painter’s pants or cargo shorts it will be easily manageable. Best of Luck!